Using peer assessment to evaluate teamwork from a multidisciplinary perspective


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Dono: Marcos Pedroso

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This article analyses the use of peer evaluation as a tool for evaluating
teamwork and students’ perceptions of this type of evaluation. A study was
conducted of six subjects included on five degree courses at the University of
Girona. In all of these subjects, students carried out a team activity, evaluated
the performance of the team and the involvement of its different members,
and responded to a survey on their perceptions of this evaluation system.
We found the main factors influencing the evaluation and perception of
teamwork to be teachers’ and students’ prior experience in this type of
evaluation activity, the field where it is applied, the academic year students
are enrolled on and the weight of the activity in the final mark. The results
show that, in general, students’ views regarding such evaluation procedures
are positive.

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