The Potential Contribution of Distance Teaching Universities to Improving the Learning


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Dono: Rafael Bermudi

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The learning/teaching systems through which distance teaching universities (DTU) operate open up new avenues and possibilities of actions not available in conventional universities. Distance education has the potential to widen and expand the significance of higher education in many ways. This article analyzes the potential contribution of DTU to improving learning/teaching practices in traditional universities. It focuses mainly on the experience of Everyman’s University, the Open University of Israel. More specifically it discusses seven potential areas of contribution: (1) improving the quality of university level textbooks; (2) enhancing independent study skills; (3) improving the pedagogy of university teaching; (4) promoting inter-disciplinary courses; (5) contributing to inter-university collaboration; (6) advancing the integration of multi-media into the learning/teaching systems of the universities; (7) promoting research on adult learning

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