The experience of using Project-Based Learning as an active methodology in the Educational Program through Work for Health in professional practice training


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This paper aims to report the learning experiences experienced by the group of the Educational Program through Work for Health in the Health Surveillance of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases modality. The methodology comprised the Project- Based Learning and the conversation circle during the monthly meetings to build a dialogical practice. The structuring of the teaching-learning process analysis was based on four phases: planning, observation, action and reflection. The discussion of the results was based on Delors’s assumptions: Learning to Learn-during the meetings, the students reflected on the contribution of their area of knowledge to user service and the role of interdisciplinarity for integral care in the health system; Learning to Know-in loco recognition of social determinants of health and association with health indicators; Learning to Do-the insertion of undergraduates in health units; Learning to Be-the discussion of data with professionals and preceptors has provided a space to approach facilities and obstacles of the professional performance in this field. The project used as assumptions the autonomy of the undergraduate and the exercise of responsibility of the whole team in the solution of conflicts and in communication. This resulted in a proactive, critical, reflective, creative and transformative professional

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