Teach Me and I May Remember, Involve Me and I Learn: Four Approaches to Peer Mentoring in Sport Psychology


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Many students experience difficulties during their graduate education.
Scholars have proposed mentoring as one potential strategy to support
them. While often assumed to be the sole responsibility of faculty,
graduate students are also in a position to provide meaningful mentorship to their peers. Thus, the purpose of the current article is to focus on
the relationship between peer mentor and mentee and provide those
interested in becoming peer mentors during their graduate training with
a guide to deliberately structure their interactions and relationships with
mentees. More specifically, the approaches of four former peer mentors
are presented. These are all grounded in theory and have been labeled:
(a) autonomy-supportive mentoring, (b) mentoring with resonance,
(c) community-based mentoring, and (d) self-concept-based mentoring.

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