"Swim or sink': state of induction in the deployment of early career academics into teaching at Makerere University


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Dono: Rafael Bermudi

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Última Atualiz.: 12-11-2018 14:17


Conducted as part of a multi-country study of the teaching-related experiences and expectations of early career academics (ECAs) in Africa, this study investigated the major influences on the teaching practice of ECAs at Makerere University; the mechanisms by which these academics learn to teach; the teaching-related challenges they experience; and their suggestions for the better deployment of ECAs into university teaching. Using questionnaire and interview, data were elicited from ECAs and their deans and principals. The findings were that the ECAs’ teaching is influenced primarily by self-help’ reading on teaching and the pedagogy of their teachers – because the ECAs are not trained teachers nor are they given any systematized teaching induction programmes. The study attributes the absence of such programmes to the assumption that ECAs are teaching well. However, ECAs reported challenges in preparing for teaching, teaching and student evaluation and requested mentoring and workshops on teaching methods

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