Supporting students' pedagogical working life horizon in higher education


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In this article, we introduce a model of a pedagogical working life horizon.
It encompasses questions posed by individual students concerning their future
and incorporates the idea of a working life orientation to the pedagogical
possibilities within education. Working life orientation consists of three elements:
individual relationship, knowledge and skills and employability. In the model, we
aim to outline how an orientation to working life might be included in higher
education, providing a broad perspective on the various pedagogical possibilities.
There are two key pedagogical elements supporting the implementation of the
pedagogical working life horizons model: reflection and an inquiring attitude.
Our inquiry is a synthesis of socio-constructionist theories of career guidance, a
review of international writing on career guidance and working life skills in higher
education, adult learning theories and of our practical experiences as educators
and scholars in the fields of guidance and adult education.

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