Student Satisfaction Surveys: The Value in Taking an Historical Perspective


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Dono: Marcos Pedroso

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Benchmarking satisfaction over time can be extremely valuable where a consistent feedback
cycle is employed. However, the value of benchmarking over a long period of time has not been
analysed in depth. What is the value of benchmarking this type of data over time? What does it tell us
about a feedback and action cycle? What impact does a study of historical student feedback have on
our understanding of quality? This paper explores a unique collection of student feedback data from a
period of over 18 years and focuses on two aspects of student feedback. First, the paper identifies that
significant changes have occurred over time, which are reflected in the data. In particular, the data
indicate not only where priorities have changed but also where student concerns have remained
consistent. Second, the paper argues that the questionnaire itself is a dynamic tool and the ways in
which its structure develops reflect historical change.

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