Strategies for Increasing Faculty Involvement in Institutional or Program Assessment


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This narrative research study was conducted to explore the experiences of
full-time community college faculty members involved in student learning
outcomes assessment. Prior research documented the need for more community
college faculty involvement with assessment at the program and
institutional levels (Grunwald & Peterson, 2003; Kinzie, 2010; Nunley, Bers, &
Manning, 2011); however, little research had been published about faculty
experiences with assessment at these levels. This study adds to the body of
literature about community college faculty participation with assessment by
sharing the perspectives of faculty members who had participated with
either program or institutional assessment on their campus. One-hour semistructured
interviews with nine participants at three different 2-year institutions
recognized for their assessment processes provided the data for the
study. The size of this study was limited to nine participants so that an indepth
exploration of each participant’s experience with assessment could
be conducted. The shared experiences of the participants in this study
revealed that faculty involvement with assessment beyond the course
level was primarily influenced by faculty perception of assessment being
valued as a tool for institutional improvement. Three indicators of the value
placed on assessment by these institutions were that they: (a) allocated
resources (time and training) for assessment, (b) clearly articulated the goals
of assessment at their institution, and (c) demonstrated how assessment
results were used in institutional decision-making. This study also revealed
that faculty members’ prior experience working with assessment and individual
skills or abilities also influenced decisions to become involved with

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