Sport, Christianity and Social Justice? Considering a Theological Foundation


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Dono: Marcos Pedroso

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Following recent debates on the relationship between “God,”
“ethics,” and issues of “social justice” within sporting locales, this
article contends that Christian ethics and the biblical mandate of
social justice have important contributions to make to broader
understandings of sport and sport ethics. The aim of the article is
to: (a) map the emergence of the concept of social justice within
academic, social, and political discourse; (b) examine the metaphysical anchors of sport ethics; (c) explore how a Christian framework of
metaphysics might be understood within sport and sport ethics; and
(d) highlight how key dimensions of the sporting experience, i.e., play
and embodiment, might impact theological understandings of ethics
and social justice. The article concludes by suggesting that a Christian
metaphysical vision has much to offer in reforming sport by grounding it within a Trinitarian theology, borne out of a biblical description
of a perfectly “just,” Creator God.

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