Sighting Horizons of Teaching in Higher Education


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Dono: Rafael Bermudi

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Última Atualiz.: 13-11-2018 14:36


This conceptual paper tackles the matter of teaching in higher education and proposes a concept of ”horizons of teaching.” It firstly offers an overview of the considerable empirical literature around teaching–especially conceptions of teaching, approaches to teaching and teaching practices–and goes on to pose some philosophical and social theoretical considerations that open further the territory around teaching in university. Against this background, we propose the concept of ”horizons of teaching.” Horizons of teaching provide a context in which it makes sense for teachers to give themselves to the teaching enterprise and to go on giving themselves to teaching. Horizons include diverse and intricate layers at both micro- and macro-levels that interact in a permanent and dynamic way; they involve persons and collectivities; and they concern structures and agency. The paper concludes by proposing that horizons of teaching configure and delineate curricula and the pedagogical relationship in a way that might contain a revolutionary potentiality in recasting teaching in higher education

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