Qualitative variation in approaches to university teaching and learning in large first-year classes


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Dono: Rafael Bermudi

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Research on teaching from a student learning perspective has identified two qualitatively different approaches to university teaching. They are an information transmission and teacher-focused approach, and a conceptual change and student-focused approach. The fundamental difference being in the former the intention is to transfer information to students, while in the latter the intention is to change and develop student understanding. Much of our research has been conducted in first-year classes of 100 or more students. The paper begins by outlining a model of teaching and learning based upon this research. It then reviews the quantitative research showing the relationship between teachers’ approaches to teaching in large classes and their students’ approaches to learning. Further analyses of previously collected data are used to identify the size of the relationship between teachers’ approaches and their students’ approaches. The paper concludes by discussing how a more conceptual change and student-focused approach can be manifested in large classes.

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