Pedagogical Challenges in Folk Music Teaching in Higher Education: A Case Study of Hua'er Music in China


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Dono: Rafael Bermudi

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Literature reviews suggest that traditional approaches in folk music education are not necessarily compatible with the conventions of formal music education. Whilst many recent studies have tended to define these non-classical-music learning contexts as ‘informal’, the practice of folk music appears to be much more complex and fluid in the real world. This case study presents an example of teaching and learning experiences of folk singers in contemporary society in Western China. In this particular context, ‘informal learning’ was found to be influenced by ‘formal’ music practices, whilst a ‘formal approach’ in a classroom had also been influenced by an ‘informal oral tradition’, as was recently proposed in Chinese Higher Music Education. Based on qualitative and quantitative analyses of teaching observation data from four music lessons, the research discusses a possible pedagogical model where two approaches of learning (conservatory model vs. traditional folk learning) could coalesce to ensure effective learning outcomes of traditional folk music in higher education contexts

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