Pathways to Promotion: Redesigning a Community College Faculty Promotion Process


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This article reports on a design-based research project that is situated in a
medium-size community college in Maryland. The project focused on exploring
why the majority of full-time faculty was ranked as Assistant Professor or
below, which did not reflect ranking at similar institutions. Under the leadership
of the Provost, a task force analyzed the problem before designing a
solution. The analysis phase of the project involved data collection and
analysis through a faculty survey, a literature review, and a scan of other
community colleges’ promotion practices. The design phase used the findings
from the analysis stage to redesign the promotion system and construct
evaluation and promotion tools. The article gives insight into how the interests
of diverse stakeholders can be taken into account when creating accessible,
alternative pathways to promotion for faculty while also supporting the
institution’s mission and goals. For other community colleges looking at
faculty promotion and evaluation, the results of this project highlight the
importance of surveying faculty’s experiences with the existing system;
learning from best practices at other institutions; including the participation
of the faculty and administrators in the redesign process; and allowing for
ample time to thoroughly explore the situation from many angles before
coming to consensus. Although limited to a particular context, this study may
be of interest to both community college faculty and leadership.

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