‘Our surgeons want this to be short and simple’: practices of in-hospital medication review as coordinated sociomaterial actions


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Dono: Marcos Pedroso

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Medication review, a systematic assessment of a patient’s medicines
by a health care professional, is intended to prevent medicationrelated
harms. A critical element of medication review concerns
whether medication review is conducted in a coordinated way.
This article draws from a case example of implementing
medication review in two surgical wards of a Swedish regional
hospital and aims to analyse how medication review is being
accomplished with respect to the coordination of its actions.
Using a practice-based ethnographic approach, we present several
coordination mechanisms by illustrating how practices are
connected to materials involved in medication review. Also, we
show how common orientations, ends, and understandings
expressed in different medication review practices contribute to
the coordination of the practices. In conclusion, this article
highlights the complexity of establishing and sustaining
medication review as a coordinated practice in routine health
care. By closely examining sociomaterial connections, this article
sheds new light on the neglected issue of artefacts and
arrangements in constituting and transforming a highly complex
medication practice.

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