Motivations for older adults’ participation in distance education: A study at the National Open University of Taiwan


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Dono: Marcos Pedroso

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Última Atualiz.: 06-11-2018 11:40


This study investigated the factor structure of motivational constructs as expressed by
older adult learners and examined how these constructs correlated with selected sociodemographic
characteristics at the National Open University of Taiwan (NOUT). Results
were based on the responses of 371 elders to the 32-item Reasons for Participation Scale
(Steele 1984). Factor analysis yielded four aspects of motivation that described themes of
keeping up and fulfillment, intellectual stimulation, escape and social contact, and adjustment.
Among them, intellectual stimulation appeared to be the strongest attractor while
escape and social contact was least important. Meanwhile, it is suggested that gender, age,
level of formal education, and employment status had no significant difference on participants’
motivational disposition at NOUT. Similarities and differences between this study and
past research were discussed in detail.

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