MiPoB: un programa de simulación para el aprendizaje en mejora genética animal


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Dono: Rafael Bermudi

Versão: 1.0

Última Atualiz.: 09-11-2018 14:50


A simulation program has been developed to support the teaching of introductory courses in animal breeding. The program was conceived because the absence of this kind of educational tool aimed at students of first university degree courses, especially in Spanish language. The program simulates a closed animal population of small size in which students should take decisions of choice and mating of future parental. This facilitates the introduction of the basic concepts of selection and genetic evaluation, and also of conservation and population genetics. The program considers the particular case of beef cattle and a total of ten generations of selection can be simulated. Having been tested for two consecutive courses in university formal education, it is available for free use and distribution.

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