Master's thesis supervision: relations between perceptions of the supervisor–student relationship, final grade, perceived supervisor contribution to learning and student satisfaction


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Dono: Marcos Pedroso

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Master’s thesis supervision is a complex task given the two-fold goal of the thesis
(learning and assessment). An important aspect of supervision is the supervisor–
student relationship. This quantitative study (N ¼ 401) investigates how
perceptions of the supervisor–student relationship are related to three dependent
variables: final grade, perceived supervisor contribution to learning, and student
satisfaction. The supervisor–student relationship was conceptualised by means
of two interpersonal dimensions: control and affiliation. The results indicated
that a greater degree of affiliation was related to higher outcome measures.
Control was positively related to perceived supervisor contribution to learning
and satisfaction, but, for satisfaction, a ceiling effect occurred. The relation
between control and the final grade was U-shaped, indicating that the average
level of perceived control is related to the lowest grades. The results imply that it
is important for supervisors to be perceived as highly affiliated and that control
should be carefully balanced.

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