Master’s thesis projects: student perceptions of supervisor feedback


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Dono: Marcos Pedroso

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A growing body of research has investigated student perceptions of written
feedback in higher education coursework, but few studies have considered
feedback perceptions in one-on-one and face-to-face contexts such as master’s
thesis projects. In this article, student perceptions of feedback are explored in
the context of the supervision of master’s thesis projects, using review studies
with respect to effective feedback in coursework situations. Online questionnaires
were administered to collect data from three cohorts of master’s students
who were either working on their thesis or had recently finished it (N = 1016).
The results of the study indicate that students perceive the focus of feedback
in terms of a focus on task and self-regulation; they perceive the goal-relatedness
of feedback in terms of feed up (goal-setting) and feed back-forward
(how am I going and where to next?); and elaboration of feedback is perceived
in terms of positive and negative feedback. Furthermore, students that perceive
the feedback to be positive, and to provide information on how they are going
and what next steps to take, are the most satisfied with their supervision and
perceive they are learning most from their supervisor. The findings are
discussed in relation to findings in coursework settings, and are explained
using goal orientation theories.

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