Mastering the dissertation: lecturers’ representations of the purposes and processes of Master’s level dissertation supervision


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Dono: Marcos Pedroso

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This article reports on part of a study of dissertation work in taught Master’s courses. It focuses on
presenting findings from interviews with 13 supervisors in a faculty of education concerning the
normative order that they believed should prevail within the supervisory relationship, and their
complex representation of student agency and of student and supervisor responsibilities. The final
discussion frames central findings within a sociocultural account of learning and teaching. It highlights
the duality of shaping and supporting students’ efforts that framed supervisors’ commitments
and actions: i.e. it details how supervisors saw themselves as having a gatekeeping role and a
commitment to align students’ work with academic standards, and at the same time a personal
commitment which involved a responsibility to assist students to pursue a topic that excited their
interest and to support their sense of agency.

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