Lecturer e-Training Program to Support University Teaching


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Dono: Rafael Bermudi

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Última Atualiz.: 12-11-2018 14:30


This article attempts to explore the extent to which Lecturer e-Training Program (LeP) supports lecturers in their preparation for student-centred teaching. LeP was conducted in a blended mode, that is, it involved an online self-paced learning module followed by an interactive online discussion and ended with a face-to-face action learning. It was compulsory for all lecturers in this university to enrol in LeP. The data collection involved distributing questionnaires to all 36 lecturers. After that, 16 lecturers were selected at random for one-to-one structured interviews. In this study, it was found that LeP contributed significantly to the lecturer preparation for student-centred teaching, in particular, Stage 2 (Online Discussion) and Stage 3 (Face-to-Face Action Learning). Lecturers in this university were mostly homogeneous with regard to culture. It would be interesting to test LeP across cultural diversity as it was believed Asians and Westerners think differently

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