Learning-oriented quality assurance in higher education institutions


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Dono: Marcos Pedroso

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Many institutions allocate resources to assessment by external
quality assurance bodies. Most such schemes aim to enhance
students’ educational experiences. This elusive goal may be
attainable by creating an inquiry-based institutional dynamism, which resonates with the main principles of learning
organisations. This article discusses findings from a case study
exploring the influence of US-based accreditation experiences
of an Arabic higher education institution on its development
as a learning organisation. Employing a mixed methodology,
data was primarily analysed with a specific learning organisation framework based on three building blocks: supportive
learning environment, learning practices and leadership that
supports learning. This relationship between external quality
assurance and becoming a learning organisation in higher
education institutions has not been studied widely. Thus,
knowledge and recommendations based on this empirical
study may offer insights to researchers and local, regional
and international practitioners.

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