Kinesiology’s Tower of Babel: Advancing the Field with Consistent Nomenclature


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Dono: Marcos Pedroso

Versão: 1.0

Última Atualiz.: 17-01-2019 13:44


The knowledge base of kinesiology can be compared to the construction of a fragmented, diffuse tower. Much of the lack of identity
and progress of kinesiology as the leader in the study of human
physical activity may result from inconsistent nomenclature. Several
examples of improper and inconsistent use of kinesiology nomenclature are noted and three solutions are proposed. A call to action for
kinesiology organizations, editorial boards of kinesiology journals,
and individual scholars on standardizing kinesiology terminology is
presented to advance kinesiology knowledge and recognition of the
field, and to support integrated, interdisciplinary scholarship.

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