Identification of the Main Directions in Life-long Training of the University Teaching Professionals who Teach Didactics of Specialty


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This article submits for discussion the preliminary findings of a research conducted in 2011-2012 about the training of university teaching professionals who train teachers. As concerns the topic of this article, it refers to identification of the main directions in life-long learning of the university teaching professionals who teach Didactics of Specialty. The questionnaires designed and applied in this research have been particularly focused on identifying the key information about teachers’ training system. Respondents are 200 university teaching professionals who teach Didactics of Specialty and/or coordinate the pedagogical practice activity of the students who will be future teachers. The sample group consisted of respondents selected from all the areas of the country. This research is also based on a desk review of the European education policies, as well as of the studies and analyses conducted in the past years in the field of teachers’ training

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