English as an academic language at a Swedish university: parallel language use and the ‘threat’ of English


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In recent years, universities across Europe have increasingly adopted the use of
English as an academic lingua franca. Our article discusses current trends in
Swedish higher education by presenting the results of a large-scale survey on the
use of English conducted at Stockholm University. The survey involved 668 staff
and 4524 students and focused on the use of English for academic purposes and
students’ and teachers’ attitudes to English as a medium of instruction. The
results indicate that complex patterns of academic English use emerge, which are
related to the specific discipline studied, the level of instruction (undergraduate
versus Master’s) and the receptive versus productive use of English. They also
indicate that in the sciences the use of English is a pragmatic reality for both
teachers and students, whereas in the humanities and social sciences, English is
typically used as an additional or auxiliary language in parallel with Swedish.

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