East-Asian teaching practices through the eyes of Western learners


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Many East-Asian countries are actively positioning themselves as receiving
countries of international students. Consequently, the number of international
students in these countries is steadily growing. Given the differences between
Eastern and Western conceptions of teaching and learning, it could be expected
that Western learners studying in the region may encounter educational practices
that are foreign to them. This study sought to understand contemporary East-
Asian teaching practices as experienced by Western students. Specifically, it
explored Anglo and Hispanic students’ perceptions of the pedagogic approaches
they encountered at a Taiwanese university. In-depth interviews were conducted
with 22 degree-seeking students in different fields of study. The findings indicate
that despite the government’s continuous initiatives to foster less traditional
pedagogic approaches, a transmission model of instruction still looms large in
Taiwan’s higher education context. It was also found that the students in this
study were ill-adapted to this form of teaching practice.

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