Dual studies in different cultural contexts: The work-study model in Germany and its applicability to China


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This paper, based on data collected from questionnaires distributed among German students and from interviews with university
professors and contacts in cooperating companies in both
Germany and China, evaluates dual studies in Germany and their
applicability to China. The study finds that most students are
satisfied with the theory phase and the practical phase. Practical
experience and grants from companies are mentioned as important advantages of dual studies. In addition, expert interviews
carried out in Germany show that students acquire both professional knowledge and occupational skills in the course of their
dual studies. Interviews with Chinese experts point to the fact that
the German model of dual studies could be applicable to China.
Therefore, dual studies at Chinese application-oriented universities
which interlink theory with practice and offer both a Bachelor’s
degree and a professional qualification in 3- to 4-year programmes
could be an attractive alternative for Chinese students.

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