Cooperative research. A critical strategy in university teacher training. A case study of Lesson and Learning Studies


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The purpose of this paper is to present the possibilities offered by Lesson and Learning Studies (LLS) for training and for improving and generating knowledge by reconstructing the practical knowledge of teachers in university training through joint design, observation and reflection. In short, the research aims to show how merging LLS contributes to developing fundamental teaching skills in new, uncertain contexts and to recreating processes of research and analysis of complex situations from critical and creative perspectives by involving university teachers and student teachers in disciplined, informed reflection on their own practice through shared, narrative productions in a dual spiral which promotes the contrasting of experiences and perspectives in an ongoing manner. – A case study of own practice in a university master’s degree, the aim of which is to develop a training improvement process by following the stages of LLS. – The case study shows the need to reverse the theory-practice sequence and to increase the importance of experience, the relevance of tutoring in the role of teachers, and the significance of cooperation and contrast as learning strategies. The evidence presented shows that LLS can be an extremely useful resource and procedure to reconstruct practical knowledge, facilitating internal contrast between the different espoused theories of the members of the group of teachers, and also between their espoused theories and their practical knowledge, in other words their theories-in-use. – The paper explores the value of LLS to reconstruct the practical knowledge of university teachers

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