Cooperative learning, student characteristics, and persistence: an experimental study in an engineering physics course


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Dono: Marcos Pedroso

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The dropout rate of university engineering studies is correlated with the
absence of retention of freshman in the basic subjects. The aim of this
work is to determine the effect of cooperative learning and the
characteristics of students on learning, persistence, and academic
performance. We have performed a study of learning, persistence and
academic performance in an engineering physics course, comparing two
groups with different teaching, one traditional and the other through
cooperative learning. In addition, we have analysed the influence of the
characteristics of the students on the results and the perceptions of the
students regarding the teaching. The students of the cooperative
learning group had a normalised average gain in the Force Concept
Inventory that was 72.7% higher, a significantly higher persistence, and
a final grade similar to that of the group receiving traditional teaching.
The previous education and the size of the community of origin of the
students had a significant effect on the persistence of the students. The
perceptions of the subject and lecturer were similar in both groups.

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