Collaborative peer review process as an informal interprofessional learning tool: Findings from an exploratory study


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Despite numerous studies on formal interprofessional education programes, less attention has been focused on
informal interprofessional learning opportunities. To provide such an opportunity, a collaborative peer review
process (CPRP) was created as part of a peer-reviewed journal. Replacing the traditional peer review process
wherein two or more reviewers review the manuscript separately, the CPRP brings together students from
different professions to collaboratively review a manuscript. The aim of this study was to assess whether the
CPRP can be used as an informal interprofessional learning tool using an exploratory qualitative approach.
Eight students from Counselling Psychology, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Nursing, and
Rehabilitation Sciences were invited to participate in interprofessional focus groups. Data were analysed
inductively using thematic analysis. Two key themes emerged, revealing that the CPRP created new
opportunities for interprofessional learning and gave practice in negotiating feedback. The results reveal
that the CPRP has the potential to be a valuable interprofessional learning tool that can also enhance
reviewing and constructive feedback skills.

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