Bildung in a New Context in Danish University Teaching with Some Remarkable Results


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Dono: Rafael Bermudi

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In this paper we will look at the pedagogical and didactic concept of Bildung and how Bildung has been used as an important ingredient of European university teaching during the last 200 years. We will also shortly look at the modern university teaching where Bildung in some important respects has been abandoned and even abolished. This, however, has had many bad consequences such as higher rates of failure. In particular, these bad consequences have been seen very clearly at The Department of Economics of The University of Copenhagen. A reorganization of the teaching of mathematics at this department began during the autumn term of 2007 where some elements of Bildung in a new modern context were included in the lectures. This had a remarkable impact. The students became more interested in the teaching of mathematics and they became more engaged and active. Their study activity improved and the rate of failure began dropping. From 2010 the classes of mathematics were also dramatically reorganized such that Bildung and study techniques were integrated elements of the class teaching. How this was practically done will be the main focus of this paper and it will be shown that Bildung is central and important if we want to develop university teaching to such a level that the enlightenment of the academic world can continue. Furthermore it will be shown that this new way of teaching mathematics at The Department of Economics has had a substantial impact, dropping the rate of failure of the summer exams of mathematics in June 2011 to its lowest level hitherto and also improving the marks of mathematics generally

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