Assessing the impacts of ICT deployment in teaching and learning in higher education : Using ICT impact assessment model


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Deployment of ICT facilities for teaching and learning in higher education is no longer a new trend, however, assessing the impacts of these deployment on lecturers and students requires more effort. The purpose of this paper is to employ a mixed method design consisting qualitative and quantitative procedures to examine the impact of ICT deployment in teaching and learning at a University in Nigeria. The survey data were drawn from 593 respondents (students and lecturers) and was analyzed using linear regression. For the qualitative part, one-on-one and focus group interviews were conducted among seven students and eight lecturers to seek their varying opinion on ICT impact on teaching and learning. Lecture-room observations were conducted across three classes to see how ICT is integrated. These multiple means findings were triangulated, compared and contrasted to validate the study. Predictors of ICT impact were found to be perception, integration, motivation and challenges. The qualitative interview and observation findings generated four similar themes as the quantitative result which was conceptualized as a model that serves as a framework for researchers on ICT impact assessment.

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