Analysis of the assessment methodologies of the formation programs based on competencies


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Dono: Rafael Bermudi

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The aim of this article is to analyze a set of methodologies used for evaluating the skill formation programs in Chilean higher education institutions in order to set a state of art for the curricular renewal process leaded by universities that belong to Council of Rectors of Chile and international trends. The methodological approach uses the qualitative research paradigm through document analysis techniques on reports from ministries and consortia, questionnaires applied to key actors (such as Teaching Directors or Center of Teaching Support’s Directors), and analysis of sources of specialized literature. Thereby, the above information was triangulated in order to establish several analysis categories. The results show how the curriculum renewal processes have been generated in the Chilean higher education system and what are the mechanisms (or procedures) of curriculum management that have been adopted to evaluate and monitor the learning process and the skill-based curriculum. Finally, the Chilean universities lack of a management model and curriculum monitoring, but they have several strategies aimed to evaluate the formation process

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