An In-Depth Analysis of Teaching Themes and the Quality of Teaching in Higher Education: Evidence from the Programming Education Environments


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Dono: Rafael Bermudi

Versão: 1.0

Última Atualiz.: 13-11-2018 14:25


Education research in computer science has emphasized the research of web-based learning environments as a result of the latest technological advancement in higher education. Our research aim is to offer new insights on the different teaching strategies in programming education both from a theoretical and empirical point of view as a response to the theory-scarce nature of the subject. We have classified the teaching themes in computing education research based on the students’ experience and reviewed the respective teaching methods introduced by the previous literature in the subject field. Our research results confirm that despite the benefits brought by technology to higher education and the high quality of the programming courses, there exist challenges associated with programming education environments that need to be addressed with further research. We bring up the concepts of student-centered pedagogy and personalized learning environments in response to the challenges faced by students in programming education. Specifically, we will analyze these challenges via teaching strategies and by considering the students’ needs in a collaborative learning environment. Our research results are especially valuable to the understanding of the development of the programming education environment. We will open up new research opportunities in the quality management of distance learning.

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