An adaption of Gagné's instructional model to increase the teaching effectiveness in the classroom: the impact in Romanian Universities


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Dono: Rafael Bermudi

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Última Atualiz.: 12-11-2018 13:50


Gagné’s instructional events are more focused on the human internal learning process than on the learning context. This study fills this gap because it presents certain instructional events that are focused on the construction of a positive learning context through the teacher–student relationship. Therefore, it’s proposing an adaption of Gagné’s instructional model to the learning context derived from observation of the instructional activities performed in the Romanian educational system. This paper added two new events (Learning organization and Final appreciation) to Gagné’s original nine instructional events. Out of these eleven, it’s considered that three in particular should be regarded as essential events in every teaching activity. These three particular events are categorised and defined in the first part of this study. The effectiveness of this newly proposed theoretical model was tested on a sample of 894 university teaching activities, using a systematic observational grid. The results indicated a significant correlation between the adapted model and students’ perceptions of the effectiveness of the teaching activity. It is therefore suggested that this proposed model provides operational guidance for the development of instructional approach. The implications and the limitations of these findings are discussed and possible directions for new research are suggested

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