Am I missing something by not using story-telling? Why we should ask university students to use story-telling to evaluate their experiences of learning


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Evaluations of student’s learning experiences hold increasing
currency in deciding how to improve teaching and learning. This
article proposes that students who use story-telling for evaluation
help to facilitate this. Adding to previous research that shows the
benefit and challenges of gathering qualitative feedback, stories
written by 47 Childhood Studies undergraduate students while at
university in England explain their learning experiences. Analysis
of the content of their stories identified what their learning
journey had been like providing useful information to shape
teaching and support their wellbeing; both important measures
for universities because they are factors that influence retention
and the number of applicants to their institution. The research
concludes that stories written by students are useful because they
enable the HE teacher to engage in new ways of listening and
responding to personal accounts that communicate what the
learning experience is like for students and what is important to

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