Agreement in assessment of prior learning related to higher education: an examination of interrater and intrarater reliability


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Dono: Marcos Pedroso

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This article focuses on reliability in assessment of prior learning (APL) related to higher
education. APL refers to a process where adults’ prior learning, formal as well as informal,
is assessed and acknowledged. In higher education, APL is used for the purpose of
gaining admission, advanced standing or credits. In this article, studies investigating reliability
in APL are presented. The studies provide data of inter- and intrarater reliability
among assessors in a specific APL scheme used in higher education. Percentage of
agreement and Cohen’s kappa were used to estimate reliability, and the results show that
the agreement between assessors, i.e. interrater reliability, is poorer compared to the
agreement on repeated assessment by the same assessor, i.e. intrarater reliability. Further,
the results reveal that there are differences in agreement between different aspects of
prior learning. A conclusion is that reliability in this type of assessment ought to be
further investigated.

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