Academic enterprise and regional economic growth


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This paper examines the potential and actual contributions to
regional development and growth that UK higher education institutions
can make through their ‘third mission’ activities. The authors adopt a case
study approach and qualitative methods to analyse the details of
academic activities, especially those related to business sectors and the
welfare of local communities. Their data and analysis show that
university-wide academic enterprise activities are not systematically
organized or coordinated. The very concept of ‘academic enterprise’ has
not been well received by the majority of academic staff. The findings
have two major policy and managerial implications. First, there needs to
be a reduction in the reliance on income from the Higher Education
Funding Council for England (HEFCE) in response to the progressive
decrease in unit funding. Second, universities need to enhance
employer-led curriculum development both through the creation of new
businesses and by improving university–business links.

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