Academic Administrators’ Beliefs About Diversity


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As our nation and society becomes more racially and ethnically diverse,
college campuses are experiencing a dynamic shift in the student
demographic on campus as well. Purposes of the study were to: (a)
analyze the beliefs of kinesiology academic unit leaders (i.e., chairs,
directors, heads) regarding faculty and student diversity within their
programs and departments and (b) inquire about strategic goals for
faculty and student diversification within their programs and departments. The participants were 68 administrators (43 men, 25 women) and
all current members of the American Kinesiology Association (AKA) as of
2015. Thematic content data analysis of the open-ended probes
exposed the recurrent themes: (a) advocacy, motives, and actions; (b)
diversity identified, but rarely defined; and (c) history, status, and outlook.
Implications of the findings are that issues associated with diversity in
kinesiology programs and departments should be addressed with vigor
and progressive actions.

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