A four‐category scheme for coding and assessing the level of reflection in written work


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Dono: Marcos Pedroso

Versão: 1.0

Última Atualiz.: 06-11-2018 14:24


Where courses have as an aim the promotion of reflective practice, it will enhance the
achievement of the goal if the level of reflective thinking is assessed. To do this in a
satisfactory way requires a reliable protocol for assessing the level of reflection in
written work. This article presents a protocol that can be used to guide the allocation of
work to four categories, namely: habitual action/non-reflection, understanding,
reflection, and critical reflection. Intermediate categories can also be used. Detailed
descriptors of each category to guide the process are provided. The protocol was tested
by four assessors independently using it to grade a set of written work, and very good
agreement was obtained.

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